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Medical Admission Course For English Medium & Version

RETINA English medium & version department is dedicated to giving holistic support to take Medical & Dental admission preparation to the students of English Medium & English Version. Here we run completely separate batches for English version students which we never merge with Bengali version students. Our publications and Handouts are all translated from Bengali version books and notes along with an extra info sheet where we translated all the necessary extra info from Bengali version book.

So students can confidently run with the RETINA English version batch to catch their dream to tag them as Doctors. RETINA with its 43 years of successful journey will be always by your side to chase your ever-cherished dream.



A complete line of resources, availing the information of national curriculum in English version, with the easiest language and palatable description. This is the unique solution for pre-med preparation in Bangladesh, cloning the basic books of the national curriculum with references. You will find sample questions, Home practices, and past year questions with answers and explanations to make you well-equipped for the war of medical entrance exam.



Along with RETINA Digest, a full compilation of important topics from textbooks, sample MCQ, Tips, and tricks, all are amalgamated in one place which is RETINA Guide. This Guide book is enriched with the newest edition of textbooks and every year we upgrade the edition for the last 43 years. This year we update our Guide with a lot of new topics and questions to assist you in your MCAT journey. Like the Digest, we cover all 5 subjects e.g. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Knowledge, and English in our guide so you get all the resources in English.


RETINA Question Book

Past papers always give clear guidelines to prepare for the entrance exam. RETINA Question Bank adopted all the past paper questions of medical and dental college admission test in one book along with answers and explanations of each question. We have translated all the past papers into English for our English version students.


Biology Assist Book

To cover the lacking of Biology resources, we have translated the prominent Bengali versions of books to present you with each and every piece of information in English. Since Biology is the highest marks carrying subject in MCAT, our team put special emphasis on Biology through this book. Biology assists book is nothing less than a Bengali textbook.


Text Book MCQ

In recent years, MCAT question is rich with home practice and sample questions of text books, which is why we made a compilation of all necessary text book MCQ under one cover. This book will give you a higher jump to succeed in medical and university admission test.


RETINA Biology Exclusive:

Hello our future docs! Human biology must have been your first love since the moment you dreamed of becoming a doctor. But Botany? Sounds like nightmare? No! This stranger subject is actually a dreamland of green leaves, roots, fruits and flowers. We know exactly how to make this subject tasty, how to make you digest it smoothly and absorb it easily into your brain cells. So with us in RETINA, absorb this beautiful Biology into your blood and store it in each and every of your body cell.


RETINA Chemistry Exclusive:

Welcome to the amazing world of Chemistry. Starting from an atom, this fantabulous subject can explain billions of reactions going on in this universe. It gives you the concept of nail polish to face wash, fire extinguisher to suicidal poison, the oxygen you breath in, the organic substances that build your body- everything! This fantastic subject Chemistry is around you everywhere, in every single moment of your life! So why are you scared of it? Just come and join us, and we will together make the classes as energetic as lithium reacting with water! Chemistry will be fun, fascinating and simply, your favourite in RETINA…


RETINA Physics Exclusive:

When it comes to physics, we know that there are holes in our current theories. We see that quantum mechanics and theories of relativity do not always get along with each other. We are also aware of the fact that standard models of physics are still incomplete. But with the existing theories stated in our curriculum, we will introduce you to a different of physics. Instead of being just booking, we will teach you all important theory from a practical viewpoint and realistic background. And we believe that our little physics experts will score high marks in the pre med examination. A very warm welcome to our school of Physics.


Our Specialties:

  • Exclusive English version RETINA digest with a melt of all basic text books
  • Class, Mock & Handouts all are specially designed in English version
  • 120 minutes lengthy class with a class test after each lecture
  • Daily class test result is published through sms & website
  • A cozy comfortable & safe environment for learning
  • Mobile Based Monitoring (MBM) method applied for each student
  • Class and Mocks are available both Online & Offline
  • Central Merit List among the RETINA students nationwide
  • Experienced educators, who work hard, play hard, are empathetic & approachable

Course Outline:

Mode of Class:
Offline (Uttara & Farmgate Only):

Male: Sun,Tue,Thu,Fri

08.00 AM- 10.30 AM 

10.45 AM-01.15 PM

01.30 PM-04.00 PM

04.15 PM-06.45 PM

Female: Sat, Mon, Wed, Fri

8.00 AM- 10.30 AM 

10.45 AM-01.15 PM

01.30 PM-04.00 PM

04.15 PM-06.45 PM

Online (Male & Female):

07:00 PM - 09:30 PM

- RETINA Digest
- RETINA Question Bank
- RETINA Practice Book

-Biology Assist Book

Course Fee: Regular Course- 27,000/-

Online Batch Regular Course:25000/-
Admission Going on at 2000/- discount! Upto 30 june,2024

EMD admission details: 01896 059 788